The Best Computer Monitors with an HDMI Input

To get the best out of your laptop or PC, you would need computer monitors with cable inputs, either HDMI, VGA, or DP. You need either of these to make your computer fully working. However, there is one input that stands the most- the HDMI.

The HDMI supports HD videos and sends the HD videos and audios through the same port. It’s much easier to obtain, it’s lighter, much faster, and very responsive compared to the VGA. In fact, you can even find high quality HDMI monitors for under $100.


Can you Connect Mulitple Monitors with HDMI?

Now you may be wondering before you jump into purchasing a monitor with HDMI inputs, is it possible to connect several monitors to a computer with only one HDMI input (1)? Can you run 2 monitors off 1 HDMI port? In most cases, your laptop will have only have one HDMI input, but there is a simple solution to this:

  1. Display Splitter. Display splitter, or “switch splitter” is a nifty little device that takes up very little desk space and allows you to connect to two HDMI input monitors to your computer. What’s more is it is extremely affordable, versatile, and always gives you access to connect to two screens.
  2. Docking Station. The only downside to using a display splitter is that you can only connect to a couple of monitors at a time. The docking station provides all the same benefits as the display splitter, but allows you the flexibility to connect to up to 13 different devices.

In other words, getting an HDMI cable, as well as a recommended display port, will benefit your PC experience. Here are some of Wandering Office’s top recommended monitors with an HDMI input.



First on the list of our computer monitors with cable input is the ASUS VT229H. This monitor is a touch screen monitor that’s good for working in the office without the hassle of dragging your mouse just to close that excel sheet. This monitor is a 21.5″ full HD IPS panel with stunningly wide 178 degree viewing angles and it weighs around 8.45 pounds.

If you’re looking for a beautiful monitor, this one is for you. It has a 10-point multi-touch capacity that features 7H hardness screen that will give you that smooth and durable touchscreen feeling. The monitor is windows 10 compatible.

ASUS VT229H 21.5" Monitor 1080P IPS 10-Point Touch Eye Care with HDMI VGA, Black

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Its frameless design is very suitable in all kinds of multi-monitor setups. One of the greatest feature that this monitor has, is the eye care monitor feature. This is a shout-out for all the people that are working 9 to 5 in front of a computer, or just a hardcore gamer. ASUS made sure that this monitor will reduce eye strain.

ASUS combined the hardware and firmware changes so that people who gets their work done in a computer won’t be exposed to blue light radiation. This monitor has a software that lets you control a multi-level low blue light filters that’s accessible through the on-screen display. This just shows that ASUS really cares about its consumers.


The only problem that I have with this monitor is that you have to adjust the gamma settings to bring out the most of any image that is displayed on the monitor. In addition, it tilts to only 20 degrees, which makes it difficult to be comfortable when you want to draw or just simply type,. It also lacks display ports and USB ports, which in my opinion, every monitor should have those kinds of ports built in to them- especially with this kind of price range.


Acer SB220Q BI 21.5″ Full HD

Second to the list of our computer monitors with cable input is the Acer SB220Q, which is often compared to the ASUS brand. In my opinion, this monitor is every gamer’s dream. For a cheap price, you can get an IPS panel with a 75Hz that has a 4ms response time and it weighs in at 5.60 lbs. I mean, everybody still has that 60Hz in their setup, but to have a monitor like this at a low cost on Amazon? You’re going to get a whole lot for your buck.

Acer SB220Q 21.5inch Widescreen Monitor Display Full HD (1920 x 1080) 75Hz 4 ms GTG (Renewed)

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The monitor has a built-in Radeon freesync technology that will put an end to choppy and broken frames, with fluid artifact free performance at any given framerate. In addition to the freesync technology and a slightly faster than that 60hz refresh rate, there’s one feature that’s worth mentioning- the off-screen display has all the features you need and it’s pretty easy to navigate.

Then, there’s a framerate counter that you can turn on in the top upper-right corner. As far as color goes, I am astounded with this monitor for everything that’s displayed in here is pretty crispy. One of the greatest things about this monitor is how clean it looks. If you try to browse on Amazon and search for a comparatively cheap monitor, you would be welcomed with a lot of super old monitors that have thick edges.


In this part, you can really tell that it’s a $90 monitor. Acer really brought it on out what’s inside of the monitor then just took off and forgot about the outside. The tilt angle is only 15 degrees and has no other adjustments, but that’s what you expect out of a $90 budget monitor.

On the back, there’s only the power, HDMI, and VGA port. So, if you’re rocking the Display Port for the last 3 years like everybody else, then you need to buy an HDMI cable for this kind of monitor.

We’ve been talking about computer monitors for the whole duration of this article, now we are going to talk about monitors that are for tablets.


Sunfounder Raspberry PI Display

Lastly, in our list of computer monitors with cable input is the Sunfounder Raspberry Pi Display. This cute little monitor gives the user the power to create any integrated projects in tablets, infotainment systems, and embedded projects. You can turn your Raspberry Pi into a touch screen tablet, infotainment system, or just a stand alone device. In fact, for such an affordable computer, it is extremely versatile.

It has an 800 x 480 display and it connects via an adapter board and the adapter board handles the power and signal conversions. Touchscreen drivers support 10-finger touch sensors and an on-screen keyboard will be integrated into the latest OS of the Raspberry PI so that you can use the device without the hassle of finding a keyboard.

SunFounder Raspberry Pi Display 13.3 Inch IPS Portable 2 HDMI Monitor 1920x1080 Gaming Monitor for Ps4 Raspberry Pi WiiU Xbox 360 Windows 7/8/10

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The highly tested screen is suggested for every raspberry PI board because it’s made by them and it’s a great quality type of monitor if you’re just looking to do minimal things on it.


However, although it’s compatible with all the Raspberry PI boards, the lineup installations are only good enough for Raspberry A+, Raspberry B+, and Raspberry Pi2

All of these monitors are bang for the buck, depending on what you want to do on them. The Asus SB220Q stands out on the list for its remarkable monitor. Although it brings a few setbacks, given the specs that the monitor has on the inside, I can say with confidence that it’s worth it to have one in your set-up.

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