Wandering Office is dedicated to helping people learn how to quit their jobs and have the right tech setups in place to pursue their dream career or business choice. No matter the budget, location, or demands you are needing from your remote work setup, Wandering Office will always provide carefully researched and honest reviews on the best portable monitors to fit the specific needs of the user.

However, in order to produce quality feedback to our readers, we are mindful to keep the bar high when it comes to how we are collecting the data. Here are the main steps in our review process:


Test and Research

product testing and researchProducts listed on Wandering Office are carefully chosen based on price, display, and overall performance. We choose products that are top of the line in the industry and are diligent to explore all options for all types of computer users.

After we’ve narrowed down the products we want to mention on our site we spends hours conducting thorough research on the product. This means we are digging into consumer reports, data trends, every available spec, and anything else we can possibly find on the product. The more we know about the product, the more details and feedback we can give to our readers.

Once we’ve done our research, we try and get our hands on the products. Literally. Whether this is purchasing it ourselves, going in stores to test it, borrowing a friend’s, or however we can get it in our hands, we always aim to personally test the products ourselves to write the most honest reviews before you spend the money.

However, this isn’t always easy, and with so many new releases coming out, we can’t always hold the product in our hands. That’s where our community comes in:



Connecting with Community

collaborate with communityConnecting with the community is, what we consider, the most important step in our process. While we trust our opinions when it comes to reviewing laptops and portable monitors, it isn’t always feasible for us to get the products right in front of us, so that’s where we rely on our community.

Our community is made up of friends, neighbors, tech experts, influencers, computer nerds, business owners, digital nomads, remote work professionals, and quite honestly, just a lot of really incredible people that we’ve gotten to know. But what do all these incredible people have in common? They share the same mission we do, to only bring honest and thorough feedback about big tech purchases before you spend the money on it.

So, our community helps us to fulfill this goal for Wandering Office by providing the same high quality feedback that we believe in. But that’s not all. When our community provides us with feedback on products they have personally tested, this also allows for our readers to find more trusted content through our incredible community.

We are always better together.



Write a Review

write reviews of productsOnce we have conducted thorough research on the product, tested it out, and engaged with our community, we are ready to write our review. Writing the review is a simple process and typically highlights the advantages of each product and what type of computer user could benefit from it.

We also include, however, honest feedback that we gathered either from personal use, or the feedback from our community. We always want to be upfront with our readers about what they are getting in to before they make a purchase to be absolutely sure it is the right setup for what they need.

As new updates become released, and we gather more information about a product from research or personal use, we are constantly updating old information so that all reviews on our website are fresh and up to date with the latest information.