The INNOCN Portable OLED Monitor

Quick to jump into the new game of OLED monitors was the company INNOCN. INNOCN released an incredible portable OLED monitor option that is great for on the go or simply if you’re needing a more compact version as a second screen.

It also comes with a handy 10-point touch monitor so that you can tap, swipe, pinch to zoom like you would a normal tablet. This helps with convenience especially for busy professionals who need to take a higher display with them for meetings, projects, and travel. With slim, lightweight technology (coming in at only 2lbs), 4 hours of work and play on one charge, and true-to-life colors, the INNOCN Portable OLED Monitor is definitely one to consider.

But before you run out and grab one, here are a few things we want you to know before you spend the money.


Design and Connectivity

The design is incredibly sleek and simple. It’s extremely lightweight in your hands and the touchscreen is very responsive and accurate with commands. The screen also has thin edges, giving you as much screen space as possible. The INNOCN Portable OLED monitor also has a  surprising battery life of 4 hours thanks to its 5000mAh battery and ultra slim design for optimal performance.

This nifty little device also packs more connectivity options than you would think. For starters, there is a simply plug and play dual display to get around any driver installation. Simply connect this second screen to any compatible port for a seamless connection. This monitor also works with cameras, monitors, laptops, PCs, smartphones, and gaming consoles.


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Display and Performance

INNOCN’s self-illumination pixel technology gives the screen display incredible color accuracy, impressive contrast, and an unlimited color range for color detailed work. This is especially great for any type of creative work as it covers an unlimited color range. With 100% DCI-P3, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and 1.07 billion color range, this 4k 3840 x 2160p resolution screen is an excellent addition as a second screen.

Overall the colors were extremely rich and the portable monitor received raving reviews from the tech community. The colors were vibrant and true to life, and the blacks were very deep. However, the contrast ratio is much lower than your typical desktop monitor version of an OLED monitor – which usually sits at a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. This is mainly due to its size and portability, and overall the display was much higher quality than an LED portable monitor.


Specs and Dimensions

Screen size: 15.6”

Resolution: 3840x2160p

Display Type: OLED

Refresh Rate: 60hz

Response time: 1ms

Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1

Dimensions: 14.1” x 9.17” 0.26”

Weight: 2.07lbs


Final Thoughts

Overall, the INNOCN Portable OLED monitor is a great option for on the go. It is still on the higher end price of portable monitors, but for the quality you are getting and compared to the upwards of $1,500 you would pay for a full OLED monitor, we consider the price to be solid. The convenient size, lightweight portability, and the stunning display are well worth the few extra bucks. Here are some pros and cons of the portable OLED monitor.

Hand using a stylus on a tablet.Pros:

  • Beautiful display quality
  • Sleek, minimal design with optimal screen space considered
  • sRGB and Adobe RGB modes in the menu
  • Comes with a protective jacket that also acts as a foldable stand


  • Expensive compared to other portable monitor options
  • Audio quality isn’t the best, but that is to be expected with a small, portable monitor
  • HDMI mode will drop touch input if you connect the wall charger
  • Susceptible to permanent image burn ins

Many computer enthusiasts reported feeling hesitant about purchasing the INNOCN Portable OLED Monitor due to the obscure company name. But now, INNOCN is getting a lot of recognition in the tech industry for being one of the first companies to drop an OLED tablet on the market. Even though they may be competing with big companies like LG in OLED monitors, many reported feeling excited about taking the gamble on this company. They say it is well worth the purchase if you are looking for a portable OLED option.

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