What Is Burn-In And How Can You Prevent It?

One thing to keep in mind with OLED screens is that they are extremely susceptible to image burn in. With that being said, OLED burn in is not something to keep you from getting this magnificent display.


What Is Screen Burn In?

Burn in refers to when an OLED screen, or other displays, get a permanent image on the screen. These permanent images are “burned in” to the pixels of part of the screen, so when another image is displayed, the burn in is still present.


What Causes Screen Burn In?

 The main causes of burn in for OLED screens are:

1) Static Images

2) Intense, perpetual usage

3) Screens getting old (around 10 years)

If your screens experience any of these three things, they may be more sensitive to potential burn ins.


How To Prevent Screen Burn

If you’re searching for how to prevent OLED screen burn in, try these methods.


1) No Static Images

If you’re looking for a TV for a lobby to display a few screens, OLED might not be the right choice. This is because Static Displays and Strenuous usage are two big components for burn in. This is true for almost all monitors, but especially so for OLED monitors.

If you’re a gamer with multiple screens, you’re likely dedicating a screen for discord, podcasts, music, or other mostly static displays. You may enjoy having your game displayed and running on an OLED, but your discord screen (or whatever else you may display) might be better off if it is something aside from OLED.


Old computer with face on the screen

2) No Excessive or Strenuous Usage

Like Mentioned above, screens that are in lobbies or that are powered during business hours everyday might be more susceptible to burn ins earlier in the display screen’s lifespan.


3) Check The Display Settings

There are ways to help prevent creating these permanent images on your displays, even if you do have to use your OLED TV or Monitor for longer hours.

You can keep your brightness setting lower. This is the main and likely the best way to keep your monitor alive longer under extreme uses.


4) How Long Does It Take For OLED to Burn-In?

Even if you used your OLED Monitor or TV all day, every single day, it would still take 1000-5000 hours to start seeing the beginning effects of a burn in.

As much as we mentioned here the sensitivity of OLED screens to Burn-in, they really are resilient.

If burn ins are the thing keeping you from getting an OLED monitor, just know that you have to be pretty malicious with the usage of your screen for it to actually happen during its peak performance lifespan.


Laptop sitting on a white deskFinal Thoughts

In summary, you can always adjust your settings to help prevent getting a permanent image on your screen. Honestly, OLED TVs and Monitors are not as easily burned as you might believe.

The companies that make OLED Monitors make this issue known up front, but also remind the customers that virtually every screen is susceptible to burn ins. Reliable, big-name brands make OLED monitors, so there should be some comfort that these companies are not just putting out quickly-deteriorating products.

Since this is really one of the very few downfalls to this display technology, it is truly worth considering the great pros of using this as a primary monitor.

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