The 4 Non-Negotiable Things Your Home Office or Cubical Needs


Working remotely means you might not have all the same luxuries as an office. Fortunately, you can supply yourself with some of these luxuries without breaking the bank. Some of these things can easily be added to a cubical as well.

Here are some productivity boosters we cannot imagine missing in an office.


1) Heater

There is only so much a sweater and two or three blankets can do. Eventually, you’ll lose any available motion, or still, be too cold. A personal heater is an absolute must in order to keep comfortable and stay focused at work.

a glowing orange heater.

While everyone is affected, USA Today reported that women typically are affected by the cold more often than men, according to this study.

Regardless of gender, we can all agree that too cold is no good. If the room temperature is on your mind, that means it’s not on your work. And that simply will not do.

Low budget? No Problem!

Here’s a low-cost personal heater that will make the cold mornings a bit cozier and easier to focus.

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2) AC

A moody scene of a small fan casting a shadow

One hot day can be enough to convince you of this. Why wait until you break and have a full day of work to make up? It’s much better to be prepared.

Even if you don’t want a full on AC unit, you can at least have a mini fan to keep you cool on those brutal summer days.

The University of Chicago held a study on warm temperature and productivity and found that warmer climates yield a smaller economical output.

In summary, an appropriately cooled workspace with increase employee productivity. The mentioned study suggests that spending the extra money to cool off a hot office can be a more than worthwhile expense. 

Even if you’re tight on cash, we promise you won’t regret getting at least a small fan. Here’s a classy one that fits right on your desk. Additionally, it’s cheap!

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3) Plants

A small desk plant by a window.

Quality of life is all around better when plants are around. Even little things like taking a break once a day to water your plant can help refresh your mind.

Studies have shown that interacting with plants can lower stress, making working from your computer easier. We’re not just talking about “feeling better.” They actually found that it can lower your blood pressure and help you really relax even though you may just be working at your computer.

Another study found that plants can even help absorb sound in rooms. So that means you should be looking for plants alongside the new rug you’re picking up to help keep that hollow echo out of your new office space. 

Picking up a small assortment can be fun because you can pick your favorites to keep on your desk and have the others around the house. Succulents are easy to keep alive and they’re cheap, so that is what we would suggest.

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4) Happy Light

Have you ever thought about how lighting affects your productivity?

Natural light is a game changer for your workflow. You’ll be able to get more done with more focus with natural light. Not only will it improve your mood, it can also help your creativity flow.

With that being said, we know not everyone has access to the amount of natural light you might want or need in your own office.

So what’s the next best thing?

Therapy Lamps, or “Happy Lights.”

Happy Lights will take some of the gloom away from your work on late evenings or in your room with little to no access to natural light.

A good pick would be the Sunlite Therapy light is a nice starting point. It is highly suggested and incredibly affordable.

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Final Thoughts

There are always creative approaches to making a better work environment. It almost always starts with self-care. These are just a handful of things that will make your life a little easier day today in the office.

If you’re unsure, check out the links. The Products are all low-cost to keep your wallet full and your days highly productive. Even if you get the Heater, Fan, Desk Plants, and Happy Light all in one go, you’ll be under $100 on your purchase. That’s a small price to pay for multiple seasons of focus in your home office set up!

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