The Craigslist VPN Block: Why Is My IP Address Blocked on Craigslist? 

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Craigslist is the common buy, sell, & trade site where users log on and make exchanges outside of a third party. That means no fees and no commissions.

It can be a good way to grab some extra cash if you’re in need, or to find items at a reasonable discount.

Over active accounts may run into some issues though.

How Do I Hide My IP Address On Craigslist?

You can hide your IP address on Craigslist by using a high-quality Proxy Server. Additionally, using a VPN may be an option.

Since VPNs typically have a pool of shared IP addresses, it is likely that those IP addresses are banned on Craigslist, so do not expect great results when using a VPN for the site.

Does Craigslist Block IP Addresses?

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Overactive users on the site may discover that Craigslist bans users daily.

So what does this mean for the average user? Not much.

However, if you use any kind of automated software that indicates a high amount of activity coming from your IP Address, do not be surprised if Craigslist hits you with a ban.

Common approaches include gathering emails, over posting, and others.

So when you revisit the question, “Does Craigslist Block IP Addresses?” know that the answer is yes, but if you aren’t malicious, you have an incredibly low chance of ever experiencing a ban.

Why Is My IP Address Blocked From Craigslist?

There are varied answers to this question, and the simple answer is because there was some violation of the terms and conditions. Your IP address will be blocked from Craigslist if you do not adhere to the Terms of Use easily found available on the site.

Common violations include: Posting too much, Data Scraping, or Promoting Illegal content/materials. Pure VPN does a great job of outlining these topics if you’re interested in reading more.

How Do I Get My IP Unblocked From Craigslist?

If Craigslist is blocking my IP address, there is not much to do to try to unblock it. Blocks and bans tend to be permanent.

Instead of trying to get it unblocked, you might be better off trying to get around it. Lucky for you, we have some answers on how to do that! 

How Do You Get Around A Craigslist Ban?

In order to get around a craigslist ban, you have to use a different IP address. Since their method of identifying users is by IP rather than a simple login, if you get blocked, you will be unable to us the service.

So what are the solutions and workarounds?

If you need to be using a different IP address, your options are not horribly complicated.

You could use a VPN to change your IP address and protect your personal information. Although, we already mentioned, you should not expect great results with this approach.

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The next option is the proxy server. Make sure it’s a quality one. This may be a bit more complicated than most will want to try.

Finally, the easiest solution that does not require any set up at all is simply logging on to another Wi-Fi from your laptop or any device with a dynamic IP.

Since your local IP and Public IP are not static on a laptop, you can successfully use craigslist from a device that had previously seen a ban. This is because the block is not unique to the device itself.

What Is the Best VPN Service for Craigslist on Chrome?

If you’re looking to VPNs as your workaround, look no further! We found that these are the best VPN services for Craigslist: NordVPN, CyberGhost, SurfShark, Private Internet Access, & Express VPN.

Of all of these, Nord VPN is the best VNP service for Craigslist.

Final Remarks

There are at least options for you to consider as you start looking into ways to get around your craigslist ban, and to prevent bans from happening again in the future.

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