What is a Proxy Server?

The internet is one of the greatest gifts of technology to humanity. There’s no way we can use quantity to positively affect workflow, leisure, and other aspects of popular culture. Having constant internet access isn’t a luxury anymore; in fact, it is a necessity, as there’s just so much that would be missed if the internet isn’t present and regulated. The internet has taken an even greater significance in the past year or two. No thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the internet is helping keep people sane, it is being used as a viable means for remote working, and you’ll be hard-pressed to see a product that isn’t available on the World Wide Web. However, every constant internet user must have a firm grasp of some salient concepts, and that’s why we’re here today.

Here, we will be defining what a proxy server is, we will also be showing you what a proxy server does, and we will tell you why you need one. Furthermore, we will show you some of the most significant advantages of having a proxy server and why people without it are sleeping on the excellence. An internet user needs to know why he or she needs a proxy server, and here we will be giving them a couple of reasons why. So without further ado, let’s get to the concept of proxy serving.

Defining Proxy Servers

Before we go into the crux of the matter, it would be a smart move to first define what a proxy server is in the simplest way possible. A proxy server is essentially a medium that works as a gatekeeper between you and the internet when you are online. Proxy servers provide different levels of functionality, security, and privacy depending on the users needs. They are especially helpful when exploring websites like Craigslist, social media platforms, and other websites where you may need to interact with other people.

So as you can see, without a proper proxy server, browsing will be impossible. If the work you’re doing is confidential, you should get a proxy server that champions security and encryption. Some people might be asking that what’s so special in proxy servers anyway. Aren’t these things that you can generally do. However, it goes way deeper than that because proxy servers these days do way more than forwarding web requests.

Now, proxy servers act as a firewall and web filter, provide secure shared network connections, and cache data to speed up common requests. That way, you’ll be getting security, which would pass a value for your time spent, and your information in record time. An impressive proxy server protects internet users from unsavory things online, and they are known to provide a high level of privacy!


Person twisting a dial with a VPN setting and a Proxy settingWhy Would I Want One?

Proxy servers aren’t just your typical internet access tool; they go further and give the internet user a sense of security, efficiency, and sustainability (1). When you send a web request, your request goes to the proxy server first. For reasons like this, proxy servers haven’t gone out of fashion, and more computer enthusiasts are jumping on the proxy server train. So here are some of the reasons why you should get one.


1) Improved Security

Internet users don’t joke with their security, as numerous private and confidential things are shared regularly; as such, proxy servers are tangible assets. There are multiple ways proxy servers can buff up your security, such as encrypting your web requests to keep hackers from reading your transactions, cut off any access to known malware sites, and providing a safe internet connection for the user. Proxy servers are some of the most sophisticated security mediums on the internet, and it would be a great disservice if an internet user doesn’t utilize its services.


2) Controls Internet Usage of Employees and Children

Look, if you don’t control the internet usage of your children, they could develop an online addiction, and no reasonable person would want that for his little one. Also, if you don’t control the internet usage of the people working for you, you’ll be sitting on a grenade that would be ready to explode at any given time. Internet is one of the best things to happen to humanity, but it could also be amongst the worst if not appropriately regulated.

Proxy servers help put firewalls on websites that people don’t want their children to see, and it secures bars employees from websites that their bosses don’t find flattering. That’s not all; they’ve also been equipped to detail the kind of websites a person visits, how much time a person spends on the internet, and they will foster accountability in the long run.


Shot of database server3) Privacy

While you could use proxy servers to expose irresponsible children and employees, they are also a great tool in ensuring privacy while browsing. That’s because some proxy servers actually change the IP address along with any other personal information the website may request.

This is a masterstroke as the destination server doesn’t know who made the original request. This means that you can browse on whatever you want, with the knowledge that you won’t trace it back. Companies and private individuals use this feature of a proxy server to get some work done without the fear of hacks correctly.


Final Thoughts

Getting a proper proxy server is no mean feat, and it’s something that every corporate entity should procure, as the benefits are too many to list. That’s why you see the top companies utilize it, as it tackles multiple problems with one clean sweep, giving them security, accountability, and enhanced encryption.

Proxy servers tick numerous boxes, and they could serve the purpose of Virtual Private Networks, amongst others. Getting a proxy server isn’t that big of a deal, but you should ensure that you get it from a reliable source and not a basis that would pry on all your confidential details. Also, you could pick a transparent proxy, an anonymous proxy, a high anonymity proxy, a distorted proxy, or a residential proxy. It all depends on your end goal, and you’ll certainly be getting value for money!

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