Does Nord VPN Keep Logs?

The internet has been the backbone and the booster behind many of the great things done in workplaces, companies, and brands worldwide. It is a vital part of the twenty-first century’s technological revolution, and there’s hardly anything you can’t find on the world wide web.

However, such accessibility comes with its risks, as the internet could also be one of the most porous mediums you can encounter, no thanks to hackers, and never do goods lurking on the market. These people have perfected the art of collecting information no meant for them and performing hard to decipher acts regularly.

Lately, there has been a clampdown on such nefarious activities thanks to mediums such as Virtual Private Networks, one of which we will be analyzing carefully today.

Here we will be checking out the Nord Virtual Private Network Service and whether it keeps browsing logs. We will also be looking at these logs’ purpose and why they are such a big deal in the internet sphere.

Furthermore, we will be checking out some Virtual Private Network Services that do not keep logs, and we will close out by giving our two cents on the whole scenario. The internet needs regulations, and thankfully such are being set in motion, so without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of VPN logs, and that has you.


Does Nord VPN Keep Logs?

So does Nord VPN Keep Logs, and if they don’t, why? Well, Nord VPN is a popular Virtual Private Network Service that is amongst the safest and most affordable on the internet, and they are known for their no-log keeping policy.

Nord VPN places a premium on privacy. One of its most notable actions is the discarding of logs and the resistance of anything remotely close to infringing on its subscriber’s privacy rights.

One of the reasons for this is that Nord VPN is based in Panama, and “Panama isn’t a member of international spy alliances and also does not require mandatory data retention, allowing NordVPN to be a 100% no logs service”. A haven for internet users is particular about that kind of privacy, as their logs are secure from such unwanted retention.

Nord VPN is also notable for its modern security features, its emphasis on progressive growth, and a relentless desire to protect users from unwanted data leaks. It has been proven to use the “strongest encryption standards and includes built-in leak protection (kill switch) with all VPN apps.

Nord VPN has been around for a while, building its reputation as a privacy-first Virtual Private Network Service and giving its subscribers value for money. What more, Nord VPN has “undergone two separate no-logs audits performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) AG in Switzerland confirming that it is indeed fully compliant with its no-logging policies.”


What is the Purpose of these Logs?

So what is the purpose of these logs, and why are they considered necessary on the internet? Some internet service providers keep records for various reasons, the first being the fact that their law forces them to do so.

For instance, “if the VPN provider has their HQ in a country with severe data retention laws, they’ll likely have to keep VPN logs to comply with the law.” If you use a free VPN service, it might keep logs about your usage to enforce bandwidth caps.

Some paid VPNs might do this too if they have bandwidth caps during the money-back guarantee or free trial period; that’s why it’s essential to go through the terms and conditions before using a VPN Service.

Furthermore, logs are kept by VPN Services to know whether VPN users are honoring the proper amount of allowed users, even though not all providers bother with that. Also, some VPN Services keep logs for advertisement purposes, as they might be doing so to share your info with such companies, even though this isn’t good practice.

Nord VPN and other VPN Services that don’t keep logs are the best, and those are the kind of Internet Service Providers that people should patronize, as they go the extra mile in ensuring that privacy is diligently adhered to.


What are some VPN services that do not keep logs?

The best Virtual Private Network Services do not keep logs, and that’s the gold standard that internet users should patronize. Here are a few:

1) ProtonVPN

This super affordable and reliable Virtual Private Network Service is known to have a strict no-log keeping policy, and it lives up to its lofty expectations. Moreover, servers are located in forty-four countries, and they all provide fast speeds for streaming and completing other data-intensive tasks.

This service has a free version and an affordable paid version that represents excellent value for money considering the numerous benefits that come with it. It is perfect for privacy, convenient for multiple connections, and your data is well secured on this platform.

2) CyberGhost VPN

As the name implies, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t joke with its subscriber’s privacy, and as such, it doesn’t keep logs for any reason whatsoever. It employs military-grade encryption to keep its users’ data and VPN sessions secure, making it one of the best options for privacy enthusiasts.

CyberGhost VPN is also pretty affordable, with its pricing ranging from $2.25 – $12.99 a year, making it represent excellent value for money. It is based in Romania, a safety hub, and it is known to keep minimal statistics and avoid putting a time stamp on anything retained, ensuring that no threat is posed to the data owner.

3) Nord VPN

There was no way we’d create a list of Virtual Private Network Services that do not keep logs without us mentioning the renowned Nord VPN Service. This service provider leaves no stones left unturned in its quest to avoid data breach and security infringement.

It is based in Panama, one of the few states that aren’t part of international security treaties requiring logs to be kept. Hence, you’ll be getting safety, privacy, and remarkable efficiency with this Virtual Private Network Service.


Final Thoughts

One of the most important reasons why people subscribe to Virtual Private Network Services is to ensure privacy. Keeping logs is a significant breach of the said privacy, so VPN enthusiasts should avoid such vendors. That’s one of the reasons why Nord VPN and similar no log keeping VPN Services have been getting the plaudits.

Occasionally, there’s nothing that you can do, as the state’s laws where the VPN is based mandates that that must retain such data, and that’s why we advise that you do your research before making such a significant investment. It’s better safe than sorry, and if you’re going for secure, Nord VPN is a great choice, with its no-log keeping policy part of the chief reasons!

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