Vertical Mice, are they Better?

For avid users of computers, be it laptop or desktop, one crucial factor that should always be of utmost consideration is comfort. Computer mouse makes it easier to navigate through our computers while working instead of using the trackpad that comes with our laptops. While choosing these mice, however, there is the question of which will provide the most comfort, is it the vertical mouse or the regular mouse.

About Vertical Mice

The vertical mouse hasn’t been around for that long. Jack Lo invented it due to his dissatisfaction with the standard traditional mouse in 1994. He discovered that the conventional design causes discomfort on the arm and wrist, so he designed a patented ‘handshake’ vertical mouse.

Which has since then been confirmed effective against wrist pain by many users who have at one time or the other suffered from arm or wrist pain. The vertical mouse offers comfort and ensures the component is adequately aligned, thereby reducing the arm pain effect of the traditional design.

As against the traditional mouse design, the vertical mouse offers much more relaxed finger support, removes pronation of the forearm, eradicates the pressure under the wrist, and ensures no internal rotation of the shoulder while it’s been used.


Pros and Cons of Using a Vertical Mouse


  1. Eradicates Pronation: vertical Mice ensure the wrist and forearm are always at a neutral 60-80-degree angle to the desk’s surface. That eliminates sustained Pronation of the forearm by minimizing excessive use and arm pain (1).
  2. Prevents the Likelihood of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This occurs due to the rotation of the wrist counter-clockwise, which compresses the median nerve. The vertical mouse by removing sustained rotation of the wrist helps remove the fear of developing this syndrome.
  3. Offers more Comfortable Choice of Usage: with the vertical mouse, you can maneuver your mouse with your forearm instead of your wrist because of the handshake design. That provides a sustained relaxation of the wrist.
  4. While working with the vertical mouse, it keeps the underside of the wrist off the desk. That reduces pressure in the bottom, ensuring you work with utmost comfort.


  1. Vertical Mice are relatively expensive compared to ordinary traditional mice: getting a vertical mouse will cost you much more than what will be spent when considering the regular mouse (2). As an avid user, changing to the latest version of a vertical mouse is more expensive. That might be one of the reasons some users stick to purchasing the regular traditional design.
  2. Most Vertical Mice are Battery Operated: To find a wired vertical mouse might prove difficult as these types of mice are designed to have modern capabilities. Hence, they are primarily battery-operated.
  3. They might take some Getting Use for gamers and programmers who have been using the traditional mouse for 5 to 10 years; switching to a vertical mouse might take a little bit of getting used to. Tradition might not be as easy as it is much more a different design than the traditional mouse.

Final Thoughts

The vertical mouse on the first look might appear odd. Most users of computer mice are used to the traditional design. However, once you get used to it, you will notice the difference. It provides much more comfort and ease. You don’t get stressed out or feel pain as a result of prolonged usage. That indeed is the users’ choice.

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