Portable PC Case with Monitor

Portable monitors are super essential in this technology-driven age, and more so in a world where working away from home has become almost a norm. As such, people have been looking for the best portable monitors around so that they can get office presentations done, make live streaming a possibility, and play their favorite video games with remarkable ease.

As such, many technological giants have created some of the best portable monitors known to man, portable monitors that up the ante when it comes to sophistication. There are many things that a portable monitor should possess for it to be seen as world-class; some of these things include versatility, portability, a d durability.

Here, we’ll be discussing some of the best PC cases with a monitor, and we’ll be showing you a thing or two as to why such issues are the best in the market. We’ll be showing you two different monitors, one being more versatile than the other and being handy for word processing as well as graphic designing. While the other is a masterstroke for gaming, multitasking, and anything that comes in.

So, what is the coolest looking PC case? If you’re looking to build a new computer or even just upgrade your old one, you want it to look as cool and as sleek as it operates. With that, there are really only two options you should be considering when shopping for a new PC with a case. We’ll be taking you through their unique features, showing you how to make the most use of them, and giving you an array of reasons why you should cop them as soon as possible.


1) Portable PC Case with Monitor

A portable PC Case with a monitor has to have a couple of features. First, it must be durable to avoid being ruined by numerous falls. Second, it must be versatile so that the user can run a variety of programs on it, and it must be portable so that a user can carry it around with a comfort level. These are three things that the next device possesses, and we’re about to show you a little more.

  • SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor

The SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor is one of the finest on the market, and it has proven to be a masterstroke since it got on the global market. One of the reasons that the SideTrak is so well appreciated is its advanced features and functions, some of which include the following.

First off, there’s the all-in-one design and rugged portable workstation, making this device one of the most durable ever created. It is known to survive the most severe of falls and stay solid despite a couple of happenstances. What’s more, is it conveniently hides in a slender case behind your laptop screen, only to be utilized when ready.

SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor for Laptop 12.5

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The SideTrak is genuinely a blessing to company workers, casual gamers, do-it-self entrepreneurs, and computer enthusiasts. It is portable, versatile, durable, and you’ll be sure to be getting value for whatever amount of money you spend on it.

This device is a masterstroke for multitaskers. It makes the job a lot more enjoyable, thanks to the portability it ensures and the versatility it provides.


2) Portable Gaming Case with Monitor

Now that we’ve checked out one of the more versatile portable PC Cases with a Monitor, it’s high time that we check a more specific gadget, one that’s bound to make a gamer’s eyes lit up. We’ll be checking out the GAEMS Guardian Pro XP – an aptly named device that ticks all the gaming boxes with a relish.

  • The GAEMS Guardian Pro XP – Ultimate Gaming Environment

GAEMS Guardian Pro XP is the ultimate gaming portable PC Case with a Monitor, and it ticks an array of gaming-centered boxes. The GAEMS brand created this unique gadget to provide the ultimate gaming experience for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC consoles. It has some of the most noteworthy features in the industry, and we’ll be running through the most essential. The first feature to check out is the sound quality.

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp - Ultimate Gaming Environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC ( Consoles Not Included) - Not Machine Specific

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The GAEMS Guardian Pro XP has one of the better sound qualities in the industry, and that’s thanks to the integrated proprietary dynamic soundstage with a built-in power amp that delivers tuned stereo sound through chambered dual 9w speakers and twin passive subwoofers. Are you thrilled about the sound? Then you should check out the resolution and response time that this monitor assures.

The GAEMS Guardian has a 1440p resolution armed with a fantastic 9ms response time, which gives you a professional gaming experience. Last but not least are the additional accessories, including cameras, mics, lighting, different displays, or other streaming gear, making for a top-notch time when you decide to play some games.

Final Thoughts

PC cases with portable monitors have quickly taken over the computer industry, as most modern professionals (and amateurs) would love to have one. They come in handy, as you’ll be getting a better resolution, a quicker response time, a better sound, and you’ll have a more productive time at the desk. A PC case with a portable monitor could either be a multitasking one or a specialized one.

If you’re more of a multitasker, then you should probably go for the ARP692, as it’s well equipped to carry out the most mundane tasks with remarkable ease. However, if you’re more of a gamer and you’re looking to make the most out of your gaming experience, then the GAEMS Guardian Pro XP is the best option for you, as this gadget ticks all the gaming boxes.

Where should you put your portable PC case? Typically when not in use, the best place you can store your portable pc case with a monitor is in a secure location that is dry, not in direct sun, and out of reach where nothing damaging can happen to it. While the cases do a diligent job in protecting your extra screen, its important to take care to prevent natural wear and tear of your monitor over time.

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