Computer Mice: How Much Do They Cost?

When you walk into a computer accessories store and ask to buy a mouse, the first question you will be asked is what type of mouse do you need. The questions that might be going through the mind of the storekeeper are: are they a gamer? Do they need the muse just for regular usage?

Maybe they are a programmer, or perhaps his trackpad got faulty. Be that as it may, before buying a computer mouse, it is necessary to know what type will suit what purpose. This article will take you through three different tiers of computer mice available and point out which of the tiers suits individual needs.


Tiers of Computer Mice according to Price and Purpose

A good computer mouse usually costs around $20 to $100 in the United States. However, it is essential to identify what purpose a mouse is to be used for before a purchase is made. If not, you might end up buying just any mouse that won’t suit your need. That means you need to be aware.

Ask questions. Why is the ergonomically designed mouse more expensive than the regular Bluetooth Sony mouse? Why are there more buttons on this mouse than the one I’m using right now? These are questions that will ensure you buy the correct type of mouse to serve your particular need.

  1. Budget Mouse: These types of pocket-friendly mice; are not built for long hours of usage. They are commonly used in offices, homes, and stores. They are relatively cheap and will not cost much, gamers will not find much use for this type of mouse. The estimated cost of a Cheap Mouse should be around $10 to $50.
  2. Mid to High-end Mouse/Gaming: this tier of mice is more expensive than the first. They are more ergonomic and provide for more extended usage. Though not too costly, I mean you wouldn’t need to break the bank on this. Most programmers and gamers go for this type of mice.

A High End Gaming Mouse is long-lasting and come with an additional button for gaming comforts and extended usage. Gaming mice are in the top tier. They are usually the most expensive and come in different designs. Their additional features make them more expensive. The estimated price may come from $80.99 to $150.99.

  1. Notebook and Portable Mouse: For most travellers who have to work on the go or those who prefer much smaller and lighter computer mice. The attempt is to use a notebook and portable mice. With a resolution of 1600dpi, the notebook mouse, often referred to as “nano” or “mini” mouse, is built for comfort and ease. They are easy to carry, you can pop one in your pocket or side bag, and you are ready to go. They are the compact version of standard mice. While they are not as costly as the gaming mouse, they are reasonably priced. The price varies.


Final Thoughts

Generally, computer mice are one of the cheaper computer accessories that are susceptible to constant change. While some are built for extended usage, others are flexible and can last less than 3 to 8 months. That is common in wired mice. Some are made with loose wires that can easily damage if chipped.

That is why they are much cheaper than battery-operated mice. It is necessary to know what purpose you want to use a mouse for before buying. That will ensure you buy the right type within your budget. Computer mice are generally not that expensive compared to other computer accessories like the hard drive, the keyboard, or the computer screen.

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