The Lenovo Chromebook S330: Quality Laptop for Less Than $200

This simply put is a laptop that gives its owner a great sense of pride and joy because it is a great value ultra-basic laptop. Let’s see some of the specifications of this system

The Lenovo Chromebook S330

Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop, 14-Inch HD (1366 x 768) Display, MediaTek MT8173C Processor, 4GB OnBoard LPDDR3, 32GB eMMC SSD, Chrome OS, 81JW0001US, Black Check Price


Bearing in mind the fact that this season is gotten at a relatively cheap price hence this reflects a bit in the way the system is designed. It has a dark plastic body with the trademark Google Chrome logo at the top left corner. The edges are not pointy so it gives the system a classy look. Looking to the right hand side of the laptop you can find a 3.5 audio port while on the left side there is a single USB 3.0 port, large sized HDMI port, USB-C power, and DisplayPort, with a Sandisk card reader also included in the features. This is quite impressive considering the size and price of the system. The mere fact that the system has an HDMI port already makes it beat most systems in its category.

Once you open the system you’re welcomed by a barrage of bezel which is located around the 14inch display. The lowest version of the laptop possesses a 720p 1366 x 768 resolution display, there is also a Full HD model too. None of the two comes with a touch screen feature though.


Display, Sound and Keyboard

With the screen resolution as it is, the display of the laptop is quite good. It is very clear both indoors and outdoors.

The sound is lacking a bit. While you can hear the sounds very clearly at lower volumes, the same is not the case when the volume is bumped up to the max.

If you love typing then you’re definitely going to love this system. The keys are arranged really well, they are spread evenly and are flat in nature. Much force isn’t required as they are very responsive. The touchpad is also pretty decent. Overall the keyboard and touchpad definitely get the green light.


Performance and Software

The system specifications are definitely on the average side (1). The system will perform very well if many applications aren’t run at the same time and if the applications aren’t too heavy in size and storage capacity. It possesses 4GB of RAM and a MediaTek MT8173C CPU.


Battery Life

Since the system is run with Chrome OS it means it will last a pretty long time. On average, a full charge will give you 10 hours of battery life.

Just closing the system lip or putting the system to sleep without shutting down has been found to greatly drain the battery. It is therefore advised that you only do this when you know you’re very close to a power source or when your system is almost at a hundred percent.

The system doesn’t possess fast charging but it charges relatively fast as it goes from zero to a hundred in about 3 hours.



Overall as I started earlier, the system gives great value compared to the cost price. Especially compared to other low-cost laptops, the hardware that Lenovo includes is efficient and reliable. I highly recommend it because it goes for just under $200. Getting this laptop will also mean you don’t need to carry heavy laptop bags around as this system can easily fit in a school bag or small briefcase.