5 Best Car Phone Chargers

In today’s world, mobile phones are a trustworthy companion and one of those few things that we can’t seem to live without. It’s a technological age, and different gadgets pop up these days, but none as essential as the mobile phone.

Whether your mobile phone is a smartphone, a regular flip phone, or even a glorified payphone, the fact remains that you’ll need one to either call or get called. Also, another technological invention that has shaped the world as we know it is the motor vehicle. A motor vehicle needs no introduction, and now we have ways of charging our treasured mobile phones using our cars.

That brings us to the topic of discussion today, as we’ll be checking out the best car phone chargers known to man. We will be briefed on the importance of having a high-quality car charger for your phone, especially when packing your laptop backpack and working remotely.

We will also describe the best five car phone chargers around and give you a few benefits of using them. So without further ado, let’s get to check out the topic of discussion, the five best car phone chargers!


What’s the Importance?

The importance of having a proper car phone charger can hardly be quantified, as all you need to do is test it out by yourself. Phone chargers are a must for any mobile phone owner, while car phone chargers are necessary to any workman who is always on the move.

people driving while passenger is holding an iphoneSo here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase a car phone charger at the earliest opportunity.

1) Just in case

It is beyond important for a working-class person to always have power on his or her mobile phone because something might pop up which would need urgent attention. This, getting a car phone charger isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

To avoid missing out on an opportunity or something else coming up, it would be a masterstroke to save for the rainy day, and by this, we mean that you should purchase any of the car phone chargers that we would be listed later in this piece.

2) In the event of a power outage

There are occasions where a normally stable power supply gets cut off, and the members of the community affected are at a loss of what to do. However, those with car phone chargers and functional cars won’t have anything to worry about.

This is merely a hypothetical scenario, but we’ve seen more exciting things happen. It would be better to prepare for the rainy day and purchase one of the five-car phone chargers we have in store!

3) Necessity

A family man or woman hardly has time for him or herself, and as such, it’s better to keep all your options open and ensure all hands are on deck. It’s not out of the ordinary for a parent to lose track of time and be on the roadway longer than he or she expected.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a car phone charger at hand, as that way, you won’t have to worry about your phone dying when you’re going from one location to another. It’s already hard enough as it is; please don’t add a dead phone battery to the equation.


Reviewing the Best

1) Anker Quick Charge 3.0

A versatile, handy, and efficient car phone charger, the Anker Quick Charge 3.0 is the latest in a line of Anker products that are quickly causing a storm in the tech market. This product ticks most of the boxes for a mobile phone user on the go, and there are numerous benefits for an individual that goes along to purchase it.

USB C Charger, Anker Nano Charger PIQ 3.0 Durable Compact Fast Charger, PowerPort III for iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/11, Galaxy, Pixel 4/3, iPad Pro (Cable Not Included)

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Such services include the quicker charging on offer, which means that you’ll be able to charge your mobile phone to a hundred percent in just under an hour. Also, there’s the fantastic design, highlighted by its “ultra-compact build, twin USB ports, soft LED light, and carbon-fiber mesh ensure maximum convenience and a sleek finish.”

To top it all up, the Anker Quick Charge 3.0 is compatible with most android phones and Apple products, making for easy usage and a long-lasting top-notch experience.


2) AIKENUO 6 Port Car Adapter

Few car phone charger brands offer the experience that the AIKENUO 6 Port Car Adapter provides, and even fewer offer the versatility that it assures. The AIKENUO 6 Port Car Adapter is an industry leader in giving customers what they want, and that’s what makes it one of the best car chargers to buy.

Car Charger, AI AIKENUO 96W Quick Charge USB Cars Charger Adapter, 12V-24V Multi Ports QC 3.0 USB Auto Splitter Fast Charging for Galaxy S10 S9 Plus, Compatible with iPhone & Android

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It has so many noteworthy features, such as its numerous ports, which means that everyone in the car can charge their phones at the same time. Then there’s the superb protection it assures, as the AIKENUO 6 Port Car Adapter is equipped with multiple protection features that prevent over-current, over-charging, and short-circuit.

Also, this car phone charger goes the extra mile to give its users comfort, as the 39.37-inch power cord ensures that phone users can still use their phones when connected to the power source.


3) Belkin Road Rockstar

A car phone charger that lives up to its billing, the Belkin Road Rockstar is just as good as social media makes it seem, and there are more awesome features than you could have imagined. First off is the 6-foot cable, which quickly reaches backseat passengers, making for an enjoyable charging while using experience.

Belkin Road Rockstar with 4 USB Ports for Front and Backseat Charging, 2 Front Seat USB Ports with Shared 2.4 Amp and 1 Backseat Dual-Port Hub with 2.4 Amp/Port

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Then there’s the durability it assures, as users of the Belkin Road Rockstar have attested to using it for over three years and counting, a rarity in the majority of electronic gadgets these days. Last but surely not least is the sophisticated design, which serves as an added decoration in an already fancy-looking car.

It is one of the few electric things that add beauty instead of the opposite, especially in the car phone charger industry.


4) BESTEK Power Inverter with Dual 110v and USB

The features are in the name, the brand’s quality speaks for itself, and we’ve hardly ever seen a customer that didn’t have good things to say about the BESTEK Power Inverter with Dual 110v and USB. The BESTEK Power Inverter with Dual 110v and USB is a car phone charger that does more than your average car phone charger would do, and here are some of the most significant benefits of copping it.

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter (Black)

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Firstly, thanks to its “2 Smart USB charging port, which intelligently detects your devices and deliver the best matched charging current to get fast charging speed”. Also, there’s the unique design, which doesn’t look like your typical car phone charger but gets the job done, and in record timing, as this device is reputed to charge phones at a rapid rate.

Furthermore, it comes with reliable protection, thanks to the “built-in 40 amps fuse to protect your device from overheating, under and over voltage charging, short-circuiting, and the likes.”


5) CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

Built to last, built to wow, and built for efficiency. The CHGeek Wireless Car Charger is so many good things fitted in one that we found it hard to summarize them into this brief piece.

Wireless Car Charger, CHGeek 15W Qi Fast Charging Auto Clamping Car Charger Phone Mount Windshield Dashboard Air Vent Phone Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max Xs, Samsung Galaxy S20, S10+ S9+ Note 9, etc

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First off is the universal compatibility, as the CHGeek Wireless Car Charger is compatible with just about any device you can think of, such as the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9, and all other Qi-compatible devices.

Also, there’s the versatile viewing on show, as you can conveniently rotate this device to 360-degree, and that’s somewhat helpful with an individual that needs to answer calls almost on a whim.

Last but surely not least is the lightning fast charging speed, giving you and your carpool buddies an excellent car phone charging experience.


Final Thoughts

iphone with apple maps display on screen, plugged into a car chargerThere are numerous car phone charging brands that claim to be the best in the industry; some of them have merit in such an argument, while the rest feel like calculated attempts to make us giggle.

Only a few car phone chargers on the market offer the number of benefits that the above offer, but like in every close battle of quality, there has to be a top charger.

The best car charger to buy is the Anker PowerWave Wireless Car Charger, as it ticks all of our preconceived boxes and offered us a lot more than we expected. That’s why we advise mobile phone users to always have one in handy, whether you’re going on a ten hours’ drive or a casual trip to the picnic.

The fastest of the above is the Belkin Road Rockstar, another car phone charger that deserves all the plaudits coming its way. The car phone chargers listed above are the best around; now it’s up to you to make a pick. Indeed, you’ll be getting value for money!

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