Is Low Blue Light Better For Your Eyes?

If you’re one of the people wondering is “blue light eye damage myth or fact?” Look no further! We will point you in the direction of multiple credible sources to learn what you need to know.

A very simple look at low blue light will show that it is better for your eyes. Blue light, in the short term, can cause headaches. This is common when you spend an excessive amount of time in front of a screen in one sitting. Another word of caution: blue light can interrupt healthy sleep patterns.

Low blue light is presented as an appealing solution since it takes away from the negative side effects of blue light.

Are Warmer Colors Better For Eyes?

Blue light isn’t ideal for your eyes, and low blue light is better. So, are warmer colors better for your eyes?

If the room is dark, then yes, warmer colors, such as yellow, are better for your eyes. You can Adjust the settings on your computer easily by going to the settings and turning on your device’s version of Night Mode.

It is curious to learn that when the surroundings are bright, a colder temperature, such as blue light, can preferable.

Which LED Light Color Is Best For Eyes?

LED lights give off a lot of wavelengths of light. While the eye is designed to be able to receive them, not all are great in the quantity we take them in.

When it comes to protecting the eyes, warm colors or yellow light, are the best LED lights for your eyes. This is because Yellow Light tends to reduce the amount of overall contrast in the display. Low contrast is especially important for those who have been exposed to a large amount of blue light since it protects the retinas.

Final Thoughts

The warmer the Lights, the easier they are on your eyes. Nearly all modern devices from computers and laptops to phones at least have ways to lower the amount of blue light emitted by changing the display settings.

If you are looking to filter out more blue light, give some serious consideration to buying a blue light blocker or blue light glasses. As long as you aren’t doing anything that requires color accuracy, you’ll be happy to have a little less blue light in your life.

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