The Top 3 Best Monitors for the Surface Pro 3

If you love surface pro 3 I know you can’t get enough of its excellent speed and its explicit design which makes it great. Most professionals who are good at multitasking know their efficiency. Well, we understand that there are such products in the market so we have reviewed the best monitors for surface pro 3 to help you make a better decision.

The reviewed products had to be subjected to an assessment base on the screen size because it determines the viewing angle of the monitor. Larger screens are better. The monitor’s refresh rate is also vital in determining the color sharpness.

Read on to find out our best picks on best monitors for surface pro 3.


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Why Connect to Another Monitor

Connecting to another monitor is a way of creating a workstation especially if you are good at multitasking it can help you do various activities such as taking notes, checking emails, and engaging in conference calls. Operating a dual monitor is reliable and convenient because fewer adjustments and connections are required. Most monitors that are available in the market use a display port or HDMI that is why you need to use quality cables or use adapters to ensure there is no signal loss.


1) LG Ultrawide Monitor

LG ultrawide monitor is one of the best monitors that you can buy in the market. It has a high resolution with up to 1080p full HD which gives the best image clarify. You can also view the screen from any angle because of its elaborate display. Additionally, it has an elaborate sRGB spectrum which makes it an ultimate solution for graphic designers and photographers who are interested in ideal color modes. This monitor is easy to use with customizable settings that are quick to access. It allows you to make adjustments with a few clicks using the mouse which makes it very convenient.

It supports multitasking because it allows users to customize their monitor layout by splitting the screen. It can also display multiple windows at once. It comes with lots of options on how you can resize or adjust your pictures to achieve a layout that will suit your needs.

Besides, this monitor is also endowed with gaming modes that allow you to have an optimal gaming experience. You can always use the RTS set mode, first-person shooter modes, and gamer modes to allow you to choose an option that will complement your needs. Gamers can also ensure dark themes by activating the black stabilizer.

LG Full HD IPS UltraWide Monitor

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  • It has a nice design
  • Great viewing angle
  • Good color quality
  • It is very customizable
  • It is cost-effective



  • There are some issues with video playback


2) Acer ET2 32″ Monitor

This is one of the best monitors with 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution. This ensures the image display has high levels of clarity with fine details. Additionally, it has a 4 Ms response time and a 75 Hz refresh rate which collectively contribute to the functional performance of the monitor. Its screen delivers an unmatched viewing experience because it allows 6 axis color adjustment to ensure that it delivers the best.

Its viewing angle is 178 degrees which allows you to view at different angles without straining as well as maintaining the quality color. It is also equipped with AMD free sync frames that are configured with the graphic card to ensure there Is incredible visualization. This prevents screen tearing.

Additionally, the use of Acer BlueShield technology ensures the levels of blue light are regulated because it can be harmful. Generally, this is one of the best monitors that you can for your surface pro 3. It is great for multitasking and it supports display port inputs, HDMI, and VGA. Therefore, you can connect to other devices and still enjoy their functionalities.

Acer ET2 32

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  • It has inbuilt speakers with good sound quality
  • It offers decent colors
  • There is a good brightness range
  • It has a thin border
  • There is no issue like screen tearing



  • Colors are slightly washed out
  • Flimsy stand


3) LG 4K LED-Lit Monitor

This is yet another incredible monitor that comes with free sync to prevent stuttering or screen tearing that can occur as a result of differences between the refresh rate and graphics card frame rate. Therefore, if you are a hammer you will enjoy an exciting gaming experience with no technical hitches. The picture quality is on another level which makes playing gaming more realistic.

The good thing with this monitor is that it allows you to customize the settings that will suit your needs. Some of these settings include RTS modes, FPS, custom, and game mode. All these allow you to optimize your settings that suit the specification of the game that you are playing. It also offers detailed and accurate expressions that are ideal for a large workspace. The sRGB prevents the visual gap. Splitting your workspace allows you to accomplish various tasks since you can resize the screen. You can engage in some tasks while watching videos on a floating window on PIP mode.


LG 32 inch Ultrafine Monitor Ergo UHD 4K IPS Display (3840 x 2160) with ErgoStand, HDR 10 Compatibility and USB Type-C Connectivity, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms, 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design, Black

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  • It has multiple inputs
  • It has high refresh and response rate
  • Excellent pixel density
  • Excellent color and clarity



  • It has some compatibility issues


The following are some tips that are very essential when using surface pro with two monitors.

First, you need to choose the duplicate option to allow you to set up your two monitors. By choosing the extended option you will see the windows displayed on your second monitor beyond your surface pro 3. Afterward, you can get started by clicking on the start menu and click on the left side of any of the monitors. Using the surface pro monitor gives an exciting user experience.



The monitors that I have listed in this article are the best monitor that you can use with surface pro 3. They have excellent functionality and features to ensure your needs are met. All you need to do is to ensure you place an order from your local or online store. Always ensure that it is authorized and has met all the requirements that comply with the manufacturers’ policies. These monitors are affordable and they are the best investment that you can make.

Another thing to look into is portable monitors for your surface pro or other laptop computer you may want to set up for use on the go. Sometimes getting a change of scenery can do wonders for your productivity.

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