SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD

Hard drives have become more of necessities than luxuries over time, and never more so than now. That is because the sheer number of people working from home has skyrocketed, and they all need extra storage. The inbuilt computer storage isn’t enough, so getting a good hard drive is the way to go.

Here, we will be looking at one of the most OK hard drives in the tech industry today, a device that has changed the way people look at the product as we know it. We will be showcasing its specifications, what makes it unique, and why you should drop a few quid for the device.

Further along the line, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the device. So without further ado, let’s head to the discussion.

About the SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD

SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD - Ultra-Rugged, Portable External NVMe Solid State Drive, Up to 1,050 MB/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2 - SDPS11A-002T-GBANB Check Price

SanDisk products have always been a whole bunch, as they are accustomed to piquing the interest of computer enthusiasts. The SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD is no different, as this device gets the job done without taking unnecessary amounts of space.

It has an array of features that would be music to the ears of a remote worker, and we will showcase them in a bit. There is superb durability, complete with IP67 water/dust resistance, up to 3M1 drop, and a 2000lb crush resistance. It is a factor that makes it more durable when compared to its competition and is a top reason people go the SanDisk route.

Also, there are two terabytes of capacity in a sophisticated make, meaning that you can store thousands of gigabytes with little fuss. It is essential in the computer industry, as space is an asset that you can’t sacrifice for anything else.

Furthermore, the SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD has transfer speeds up to 1050MB per second read and 1000MB per second write, making it a speedy gadget and one that users cannot get enough of.


Item Weight –  7.4 ounces

Product Dimensions – 3.74 x 1.97 x 0.59 inches

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.74 x 1.97 x 0.59 inches

Brand – SanDisk Professional

Pros and Cons


  1. It is extremely durable.
  2. It is very portable.
  3. It makes for sustained performance with a cooling aluminum core.


  1. It would be awesome if it comes in more colorways.

Final Thoughts

The SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD is the latest gadget in a long list of SanDisk products that are tailor made to make working from home a breeze. This device is portable, easy to use, durable, and supremely easy on the eyes. No modern computer user should be without a hard disk, and you should go for a trustworthy one.

SanDisk products are also famed for their versatility, and the 2TB G-DRIVE SSD keeps in line with that rich tradition. That is why we advise that you consider the SanDisk Professional 2TB G-DRIVE SSD. A gadget that ticks all the boxes and hardly leaves room for complaints. It almost doesn’t matter who you ask. When it comes to storage, SanDisk makes devices among the best portable SSD options on the market.

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