Ever suffered from eye fatigue or headache when working on your computer for a prolonged period of time? You must have been wondering why you experience these strains. Harmful blue light from digital gadgets could easily result in eye stain, headaches, sore eyes, insomnia and many other issues.

Blue light mostly exists in the rays of light emitted from electronic device monitors or screens as the case may be. This blue light increases the symptoms of macular degeneration with prolonged exposure. The retina can be damaged by prolonged use of computer devices, causing premature eyes degeneration.

This is why Companies like Benyo Optics Technology Co. Ltd, with its “PAVOSCREEN” self-brand for the global market specializes in the making of screen protectors for computer monitors, mobile phones, cameras and tablets for over 10 years.

Here, we will emphasize the importance of the PAVOSCREEN brand and their blue light screen protector in the global market, give and informative description of the product and outline its features. We will also give a brief rundown on its pros and cons.

About the PAVOSCREEN Brand

PAVOSCREEN is a legally registered trademark of Benyo Optics Technology Co. Ltd, holding over 10 years of experience. The brand through its global initiative produce patented self -absorbed glass screen protectors subverts the features of old screen protectors.

The brand of Computer screen protector is designed to keep screen from scratches and damages by using gorilla ultrathin glass with tempered process that is reinforced to enhance force adsorption, making its product one of the highest in demand in the global market.

For users of electronic devices like computers and mobile phones, Pavoscreen is the best protecting solution. The brand have diversified designs and good professional services. Maintaining its principle of mutual benefits, the PAVOSCREEN brand prides itself among its peers as a provider of good satisfying services and producer of quality products.

Product Detail and Features

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PAVOSCREEN ASUS Blue Light Filter adopts (ZACROS) Nanophase advanced technology materials from Japan, which blocks out 60% of blue light, including all the High Energy Visible Blue Light within 380nm – 480nm. It also blocks out 99% of UV light.

It provides a clearer and softer screen brightness that protects the eyes for strain in instances of prolonged usage.

Aspect ratio: 16:9, Screen Filter Size: width 20 9/16” × Height 11 9/16” (522 × 294mm).

It is anti-scratch and dustproof which makes for easy monitor maintenance.

Pros and Cons


  1. Protects the eyes at all times.
  2. Block off bright light from computer screens.
  3. Reduces the risk of insomnia, providing you with better sleep at night (1).
  4. Protects computer screen from annoying scratches and sticky dust particles.


  1. Might be a bit tricky to install for new users.
  2. Customer sensitivity to having a layer over their screen or monitor.

Final thoughts

PAVOSCREEN is a leading professional patented product. The blue light monitor screen protector is completely transparent with self-absorbed silicone for easy and fast installation. It is anti-scratch and dustproof making it a suitable choice for users of digital devices like computers mobile phones cameras and tablets. It reduces long term eye defect due to prolonged computer usage.

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