What Color Light Is Best For Computer Use?

All over the place we hear more about how blue light is damaging to the eyes. We hear that there are solutions. Blue light blocking screens for laptops and monitors. Blue light blocking tape, film, and screen protectors. Blue light glasses. Low blue light computer monitors and laptops.

While these are great solutions for lowering or greatly filtering out blue light from your daily screen usage, there may be reasons to keep blue light exposure around.

Research shows that blue light is actually beneficial during the daytime. The sun gives off more blue light than any device you might use, and there is a consensus among researchers that natual light is the best blue light for an office setting.

But what is the next best thing?

Not every space has access to a window, whether it’s a cubical at the office or your home office set up. Some alternatives have been proven to get similar results.

How Brighter, White Light Is Beneficial in the Workplace

Cold Light is ideal for work settings. This bright, white light is helpful in creating alternes and improving productivity in the office. Not only this, but there is a noticeable decrease in melatonin, which means fatigue is not an issue. Just to top everything off, there is a general increase in mood as well.

As much as blue light is talked about as a negative thing, there are some great applications for it.

How Warmer, Yellow Light Is Harmful in the Workplace

Warmer light is ideal for winding down and relaxing. When you are at home, orange or yellow light is much more welcoming than an intense, blue or white light may be.

Studies have found that warmer lighting reduces a sense of urgency, making people more comfortable. This is why it is not ideal for a work environment.

Even though there are studies that show how blue light can have a negative impact,

Final Remarks

So when you ask what color light is best for computer use, it depends on the time of day and your task. If you’re working during the daytime, blue light (also known as short wavelength light) can give the stimulus needed to power through the task and keep you alert. If you’re home in the evening just watching tv or browsing, warmer lighting like yellow will be much better.

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